3D Wallpaper Bedroom Living Room Modern Wall Art Home

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Waterproof,Moisture-Proof,Mould-Proof,Smoke-Proof,Soundproof,Sound-Absorbing,Heat Insulation,Anti-static
Usage: Living room, Bedding room, Study, Kids' room, TV Background.
Upgrade material, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Environmental protection,Durable

Size: 0.53 x 10m/20.87'' x 393.70''
Color: Khaki, Blue, Pink, Green

Paving procedures:
1. The wall has been handled well, and let it dry.
2.  to draw a vertical line from the ceiling to the floor, this line as the first piece of wallpaper paste edges.
3. According to a desired size, cut a good wallpaper, and turn the cut wallpaper in order, and then compare the color dark to light carefully then the cut wallpaper should be arranged from dark to light or from shallow to deep, marked with serial number on the back. Note contrasting colors, so as not to stick wrong.
4. To brush glue evenly over the back of the wallpaper, you must brush the edge of the wallpaper, we can not stick to the front of wallpaper, to ensure a clean surface, avoid the risk of wrinkles. Over 3-5 minutes, then wallpaper soaked, the wallpaper can be pasted on the wall. Wallpaper paste to the wall, it should be removed air bubbles, wrinkles and excess glue carefully, the method is to use hard scrubbing brush, brush from the middle to both sides. When glue Stick on the positive of wallpaper used cloth to wipe it immediately
5. When the first volume finished pasted, If there are any color difference and issues, please stop in time, in order to avoid too much damage.
6. Wallpaper should be affixed in a dry wall, the front of the wallpaper can not wipe with a damp cloth, to avoid fade after wet.

Package included:
1X Wallpaper(Non-self-adhesive)


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