3D Silicone Eyelash Extension Patch

  • $7.07 USD

Item Type: Perming Eyelash Silicone pads
Material: Silicone
Size: App 4.5cmx1.6cm 
Package Included:
5 X Pairs Perming Eyelash Silicone Pads

Ensuring the lashes you curl up are straight and even.
If you perm lashes with the traditional rods than this will be easier to use. You can use any eyelash perming glue to hold the lash down.
Choose the desired sized pad and place as close to the root of the lashes as possible.
You can use any type of false strip eyelash glue to apply and hold the lashes.
Use a brush with a dab of glue and brush a little over the rod.
Then sweep the lashes in an upward motion. Make sure the lashes are straight in the groove line provided and fan lashes out evenly
on the silicone pad.
Then perm lashes as you normally would.
Silicone pads are reusable and easy to clean. Just wash with soap and water to clean. Dry silicone pad and store in a bag or container.

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