3 In 1 Wine Chiller Stick Aerator Decanter Beer Whiskey Cooler Pourer Stopper

  • $15.11 USD





Feature :
Simply storing chill rod in the freezer for about 1h, and it will chill your wine perfectly for up to 2h.
Different from the ice cube, the chiller stick chill your drink without diluting.
Enhancing taste within seconds, it follows the Bernoulli principle to entrain air into the wine as you pour it from the bottle.
The stopper having 3 different sizes, so the chiller stick fit various bottle sizes.
For cleaning, just rinsing chiller rod with warm water after each use. 

Specification :
Material : Acrylic + Stainless Steel
Size : 8.2'' * 3.4'' * 1.6''

Package Includes :
1 x Wine Chiller Stick 
Comes with original gift package.
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