Oktapodi (2007) - Oscar 2009 Animated Short Film

Friday, December 22, 2017




  1. Free  Site builder weebly available with Siteground Subscription
    08 May, 2019
    Free Site builder weebly available with Siteground Subscription
    The free sitebuilder is available to all SiteGround customers. Simply log into your account and enable it from your User Area > My Accounts > Manage Account > Sitebuilder tab for any of your domains. In addition to the free version, you can also take advantage of Weebly’s upgrade plans (Starter, Pro and Business). From the Sitebuilder tab, click 'Upgrade' next to the site you want to upgrade the sitebuilder for. More information about Weebly, how to use it and its functionalities can be found
  2. 10 Apr, 2019
    Crystal Healing series- Sodalite
    Sodalite is an excellent stone for clear and truthful communication, clarity of thoughts, and has an energy that will bring calm, relaxing the nerves. Helps quieten emotions and works toward quelling panic attacks. Sodalite also builds self esteem. It can also stimulate latent abilities, enhance creative abilities and clairvoyance.  Dating back to ancient civilizations, the Sodalite crystal meaning is linked to the ethereal energy that promotes the highest form of self-expression. Sculptors,
  3. Crystal Healing series- Rubies
    06 Apr, 2019
    Crystal Healing series- Rubies
    Revered in many cultures throughout history, Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. It symbolizes the sun, and its glowing hue suggests an inextinguishable flame within the stone that legends claim would shine through even the thickest clothing and could not be hidden; if Ruby were cast into water it would cause it to boil, and if carved and pressed into wax, it would melt the wax. It was worn as an amulet or charm to ward off plague and pestilence, warned its
  4. Introducing Farishte Crystals
    03 Apr, 2019
    Introducing Farishte Crystals
    Farishte Crystals Farishte crystals has created itself from the space of sharing and spreading the message of crystals and their healing powers, which can help enhance and uplift the spirit of an individual and the collective. Shabnam, founder and creative director, has been associated with practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, philosophy and other healing modalities since decades, and farishte crystals is her initiative to combine all her knowledge in service of her clients, and for the
  5. 29 Mar, 2019
    Which gamers are the ‘Best’: PC, PS4, or Xbox.
    Source Credits-Ewan Moore/www.unilad.co.uk https://www.unilad.co.uk/gaming/study-finds-xbox-players-are-better-at-gaming-than-ps4-or-pc-owners/ Tech company LG recently teamed up with video game publisher Activision to find out once and for all which gamers are the ‘best’: PC, PS4, or Xbox.  The study, launched to promote Call of Duty Black Ops 4, utilised LG’s Elite Reaction Test, with participants asked to click on targets as quickly as they could in a bid to determine player accuracy. Over
  6. 23 Mar, 2019
    Xbox Games for April 2019 Revealed
    April's Xbox Live Games with Gold have been revealed, There are some great games going free for Xbox One and XBox 360 owners in the next few weeks as April's Xbox Live Games with Gold have been revealed. Perhaps the most exciting game of the month is Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005), but there are plenty more besides that. RPG The 2016 RPG action game The Technomancer free throughout April for Xbox One owners. Then, Outcast- Second Contact will also be free from April 16 through May 15,  on
  7. XBox Live Gold April 2019
    07 Apr, 2019
    XBox Live Gold April 2019
    Buy Xbox live Gold cards here
  8. Epic Bans Stretched Screen Resolutions From Fortnite Tournaments, Upsetting Pros
    04 Apr, 2019
    Epic Bans Stretched Screen Resolutions From Fortnite Tournaments, Upsetting Pros
    Fortnite, like life, is full of mysteries. Why do we build if we’re only going to destroy? Can taking countless lives to survive a bloodbath really be considered a victory or, indeed, royale? What’s the deal with this tomato guy? Why is he smiling? What does he know? Then there’s the biggest question of all: Does playing with a stretched resolution actually confer an in-game advantage? Epic, it seems, thinks so. Today, Epic announced that stretched resolutions will no longer be allowed in
  9. Fornite gaming fps
    26 Mar, 2019
    Fortnite- Play with increased FPS with this great software tool
    Check out Cpu Cores Great tool to increase FPS and enjoy games like Fortnite to the fullest. https://www.triggerkart.com/store/p_807941/cpucores-maximize-your-fps-steam-key-global
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