Check how you can prosper in the midst of the famous industrial revolution. Created by Blue Byte (a part of the Ubisoft group), Anno 1800takes the player straight into the times of outstanding geographic discoveries, scientific progress, and developing industrialization.
Back to the roots
20 years after the first edition of Anno series (Anno 1602), the franchise goes back to the roots. This time the long-anticipated title focuses on more modern times, making all fans of the series overjoyed.
Primarily, because Anno 1800 features all the strong gameplay elements characteristic of the franchise. Secondly, because they have been waiting 10 years for a comeback to more contemporary game setting. Start from scratch with only a few peasants and a modest settlement and start transforming your town towards a gigantic metropolis!
Take care of your citizens, satisfying their various needs and motivating them to work more efficiently. The more resources you gather, the better upgrades and modifications you will be able to develop. Plan efficient logistic routes, discover new lands and surpass your rivals’ army, economy, or diplomacy.
Good labor and payments distribution, clever use of topography, and well-designed infrastructure are among the keys to success! Don’t forget, however, about the diplomatic side of the game, as forming friendships and alliances as well as taking military actions make a bigger impact than any economic boost.
Check out various game modes in Anno 1800
The complex city management simulator offers you a well-designed campaign, which constitutes the core of the game. Those who enjoy the gameplay freedom with a customisable set of features will enjoy the advanced sandbox mode.
The game also offers a classic multiplayer, cherished by all who like to challenge their friends. Check out various scenarios and challenges, which will test your wit and wise management as well.
Fun Facts about Anno 1800
The game was being developed with a constant cooperation with the fans, who made considerable contributions. Thanks to the Anno Union platform the enthusiasts of the franchise had a chance to share their opinions, remarks, and ideas for further development.
Carefully designed details allow the player to watch closely various production cycles, for example peeking on the steel workers.
Anno 1800 sees daylight 20 years after the first edition of the Anno series, continuing the trend of having 9 as the sum of the numerals in each of the series’ titles - 1602, 1503, 1701, 1404, 2070, 2205.
Key features
Become the mayor of a bustling 19th century city, standing on the threshold of a great industrial revolution
Challenge your economic talents by taking care of the industry and its workers
Check out how far you can go by using diplomacy to achieve your goals
Enjoy the compelling gameplay, which has engaged a wide group of fans around the world for 20 years
Challenge other players in various online scenarios or play a well-designed solo campaign
Release date: 2019-04-16
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
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Anno 1800 Steam Gift GLOBAL

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